Ice Cream Maker DIGI 27XL/150

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BG.DIGI 27XL/150
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Valtek Digi

State of the art technology for the best ice cream

Simple to manage with full control

The Valtek Digi ice cream machine provides a wide range of flavors and textures. Different presets make cycle programming a child’s play. You can set the temperature, time, and texture of the ice cream with the keys on the control panel and monitor them during ice cream production.

Compact and accomplished design

Different machine models are built to contain different volumes of ice cream and they can hold the largest possible amount in the smallest possible container.

Self-regulating patented agitator

Provides an optimum blend of the ice cream mix and 100% clean cylinder after the ice cream is removed. The spring blades are simply removed by hand without any tools and are easy to clean.

Easy maintenance and error diagnostics

Simple to clean without the need for any tools. If an error occurs, the diagnostic process is run automatically and the error code is displayed on the screen, which allows for significantly faster troubleshooting.

Optional: Valtek Digi with an inverter

Provides more agitator speed settings, so you can easily set the best rotation rate for different types of ice cream and according to the amount of ice cream mix in the cylinder. It also allows the machine to soft start ensuring lower energy consumption and a longer life.

Country of origin:

choose voltage

Power Voltage:


Capacity per hour:
Mix used 152 max kg/h / Ice cream produced 215 max l/h
Ice cream produced:
min l 7/ max l 37.8
Mix used:
min kg 4/ max kg 27
DIGI 27XL/150
Net weight Kg:
Power kW:

Additional info

3 to 15 days
Warranty : 2 year

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