Pass-through dishwasher PL110E

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The PLUS line models are equipped with an automatic water softener that offers the possibility to break-down the formation of limestone with extreme efficiency. In fact, the water softener is completely autonomous and automatically controls its regeneration intervals according to the hardness of the inlet water; all you have to do is fill the salt tank whenever the message “lack of salt” appears on the display. The resins are regenerated during wash cycles, so no machine downtime is required.

The PL110E hood type dishwasher is the right solution for businesses that are faced with the washing of different types of dishes, proving capable of washing glasses, dishes, medium sized objects and GN 1/1 baking trays in only 620 mm wide, ensuring a maximum productivity of 60 baskets/hour (1080 dishes/hour). The hood type models are fitted with an easily removable basket support for easy cleaning and a rounded moulded tank with integral filters for perfect draining and absolute hygiene. The “PUSH TO START” cycle start system ensures less waste, preventing the start of empty washes.

The electronic control allows you to manage various parameters to give you an absolute customisation level and the continuous self-diagnosis allows you to minimise machine downtime, suggesting some operations to be verified. The self-cleaning cycle at the end of the day cleans the wash tank and empties the boiler from the hot water, preventing limestone forming inside. The standard double peristaltic electric rinse-aid and detergent dispenser ensures the best result from each wash cycle with great savings thanks to the precise dosage managed by the electronic card; whereas, the moulded washing and rinsing arms ensure great reliability and durability. The Thermo-stop function checks that washing and rinsing begin only when the desired temperature is reached. The bodywork is made entirely of AISI 304 steel and has been designed with all components in the front to allow easy technical assistance. Sturdy and reliable dishwashers to best deal with every moment of your day.

Country of origin:

choose voltage

Power Voltage:
400V3N+T 50Hz


Adjustable detergent and rinse-aid dispenser:
Basket for glasses dim:
Boiler heating element - Boiler capacity:
5,4kW - 7,3lt
Cutlery insert:
LT bread basket:
40 (H=390mm)
n° baskets/hour - (+55°C):
Max 60
Recommended inlet water temperature:
Tank heating element - Tank capacity:
4,5kW - 37lt
Total power input / Current:
Trays dimensions (cm):
GN1/1 - 60x40
Washing pump:
1,34kW / 1,8 Hp
Water consumption per cycle (inlet suggested pressure 2 BAR):
Water hardness:
>15 °f
Ø height plate max:

Weight & dimensions

Height glass max:


Net dimensions (WxDxH) cm:

CATALOGUE (compack_pl110e.pdf, 601 Kb) [Download]

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